International Project

Harmonisation of Animal Welfare Criteria

The German Tierschutzbund, the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals (Dierenbescherming) and Birdlife the Netherlands have announced their collaboration in January 2017.

The aim of the collaboration is to raise animal welfare across borders. We intent to do this by sharing knowledge, experience about animal welfare labels and by harmonizing animal welfare labels. By doing so a lot of farm animals will benefit and we will be able to provide a professional animal welfare framework for retail, processing industries and farmers across borders. The project will run for two years and is also made possible by the ministry of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands.


The kick-off meeting of the project was held in August 2017 in Amsterdam. See the picture above. 12th of October 2017 a workshop was given to stakeholders at the Better Life event in Klarenbeek, the Netherlands. 


More information about te Better Life label is available in English, French and German

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