Secundary criteria

On this page the established and published criteria can be found, that are effective since September 1st, 2023. Please click this link for more information on the new criteria. The previous criteria that applied up to August 31, 2023 can be found on the page for the applicable company type

Below you can select the company type(s) for which you would like to view the criteria. This will create an overview specific to your situation. By default, the current, established criteria are shown.

When desired, you can also view the previous version of the criteria for comparison. Please note: Currently we only have one version in the new system so for now this will show no results.

Future changes in criteria will be shown when “in consultation” is slected. Note! Criteria in consultation may still change before they are finalized! This overview is purely for information. Also, only those criteria that are going to change are shown. Unchanged criteria are not shown here.

The search bar allows you to search your selected company types for strings or words in the code and aspect (the short description) of the criteria.

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