Appeal Committee

The Appeal Committee is tasked with advising the Board of the Better Life label Foundation regarding appeals lodged by participants against decisions taken by the BLLF relating to sanctions under Article 7(1) of the Regulations for the use of, and monitoring of, the Better Life label. The Appeal Committee will investigate the facts and circumstances concerned.

The appeal must be lodged in writing and submitted by registered post to the Appeal Committee. An appeal, if lodged against a decision taken by or a sanction imposed by the BLLF, is only admissible if it is submitted by post within six weeks of the date on which the contested decision was communicated, issued or sent.

The Appeal Committee is based in The Hague, at the offices of the Better Life label Foundation in The Hague

The appeal must state the following information:

  1. the name and address of the complainant;
  2. a most accurate possible description of the grounds for appeal;
  3. a most accurate possible description of the claim.

Each appeal must be accompanied by written documentary evidence, to the extent that such evidence is in the possession of the complainant. The sum of € 250, as a fee for processing the appeal, must be transferred to a specified bank account. This sum is due for payment at all times, irrespective of the advice given by the Committee.

When providing its advice, the Appeal Committee will contribute to determining the costs involved in processing the appeal, and which party will bear these costs. The partly whose appeal is partly or largely upheld will not be deemed responsible for bearing the costs of the procedure.

The advice of the Committee is binding advice to the board of the Foundation.
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