Equivalent systems

Subject to certain supplementary conditions, other systems may comply with the Better Life label scheme.

If you are interested in supplying products from one of the following segments with the Better Life label, you must first obtain approval from the Better Life label Foundation. Please submit your request for approval to aanvraag@sblk.nl.



Organic products are certified according to European organic regulations.  SKAL is responsible for certifying all organic production in the Netherlands. This includes:

  1. Organic eggs
  2. Organic chickens (meat)
  3. Organic pigs (pork)
  4. Organic cattle (beef)
  5. Organic calves (veal)
  6. Organic dairy products (may only be used in multi-scope products). Click here for more information.

Animals (except for dairy cattle) and products that are kept / produced under an organic certificate may qualify for 3 stars in the Better Life label scheme if they:

  1. Are organically certified. For more information see SKAL.
  2. A ‘stunned slaughter’ declaration signed by the organic slaughter sites concerned has been submitted.


Belplume (equivalent to IKB Chicken)

The Belgian system ‘Belplume’ has been recognised by IKB Kip as being as equivalent. This means, among other things, that an IKB cutting plant can buy products from a Belplume abattoir. For Belgian chicken abattoirs wishing to qualify for a Better Life label certificate, Belplume certification is sufficient. These abattoirs do not need to have additional IKB Kip certification.

Label Rouge

Under the ‘Label Rouge’ scheme, chickens are farmed in various production systems in France. Depending on the production system used, ‘Label Rouge’ broilers may qualify for 2 or 3 stars in the Better Life label scheme.

In addition, The Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals has decided that a ‘Label Rouge’ certificate qualifies as a supply chain quality system for the scopes Broilers 1, 2 and 3 stars.

Fermiers de Loué

In France turkeys are being kept according to the ‘Fermiers de Loué’ concept. ‘Fermiers de Loué’ Turkey meat can qualify for 2 stars of the Better Life label.

Nature & Respect

Chicken meat is sold on the Dutch market under the ‘Nature & Respect’ label. This product can qualify for 2 stars in the Better Life label scheme. 


Freedom food/RSPCA assured

‘Outdoor bred, indoor reared’ pigs from Great Britain, inspected and certified for the ‘Freedom Food’ assurance scheme operated by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in the UK (RSPCA), now also known under the label ‘RSPCA Assured’, can qualify for 2 stars in the Better Life label scheme.

Animal Feed

GMP+ equivalent systems

The Better Life label criteria for livestock farms include the provision that feed must demonstrably originate from a GMP+ certified feed supplier or a supplier with an equivalent quality assurance system.

The link below directs you to a list of quality assurance systems accepted by the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals as an alternative to GMP+ certification within the Better Life label scheme.