Inspections and audits

A vital aspect of the robustness and value of the Better Life label is that the logo on a form of packaging guarantees that the product actually has been produced in compliance with the regulations that govern Better Life eligible ingredients. We (the Dutch Society of the Protection of Animals, the Better Life label Foundation, Certification Bodies (CBs) and participating companies) make every effort to ensure we continue to live up to this claim.

In order to assure this, an assessment is first performed by the BLLF. This inspection assesses whether all the chain parties are Better Life eligible. The work instructions of processing companies which describe how the company in question satisfies the Better Life criteria are also assessed. The product specifications of the products to be produced are then assessed and the intended forms of communication (including labels) are also benchmarked for compliance. After preliminary approval by the BLLF, participating companies will be inspected and certified on the basis of the applicable criteria by independent CBs at least annually.

In addition, the aim is annually to:

  1. conduct unannounced inspections and audits at approximately 20% of all livestock farms, and
  2. conduct so-called trace-back inspections at approximately 15% of the processing chains. These inspections will examine the correct compliance of suppliers and buyers and verify the balance in kilos of the incoming and outgoing products.

Certification Bodies

Inspections in the framework of the Better Life label are conducted by various independent accredited Certification Bodies ((CBs). The correct performance of the independent inspections by the CBs is crucial. The BLLF monitors and supervises this by holding harmonisation meetings, conducting office audits that are based on the acceptance conditions for CBs and the certification regulations. Is addition, individual consultations with the CBs are held annually and shadow inspections of the CBs are also conducted by an independent third party.

More information about the CBs can be found here.