What is retail?

Within the scope of retail, pre-packed Better Life label products (in consumer/end packaging) are supplied and resold to the consumer in unchanged form. The Better Life label therefore remains an inseparable and integral part of the product.

The head office of a retail organisation/supermarket must be approved for the Better Life label. To warrant approval, they must submit an application form to and conclude a contract with the Better Life label Foundation. No audits are performed. However, a fee will be due for the use of the logo if the Better Life label is actively communicated or displayed on its own brand of products.

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Do any criteria apply for retail?

No, there are no criteria that apply for retail companies. Retailers are not certified for the Better Life label. However, they are approved by the Better Life label Foundation. If the product undergoes further processing at the retailer, this is covered by the company type retail with a processing counter. In this case, certain criteria do apply. More information about retail with a processing counter can be found here.

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