What is an egg packing centre?

At an egg packing centre eggs are graded and packed according to the number of stars, quality and weight for sale as fresh table eggs or for further processing into egg products. A packing centre must have a permit in accordance with Article 5(2) of Regulation (EC) No 853/2004. Packing centres are regularly inspected and certified (according to the inspection frequency as established in the certification regulations) by a Certification Body on the basis of the corresponding Better Life criteria.

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Supplementary decisions and interpretations

Following the conclusive formal adoption of these criteria, the supplementary decisions and interpretations below have been drafted in conjunction with the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals. These decisions/interpretations have not yet been formally adopted and are subject to change before being included in the established BLL criteria. In anticipation thereof, certification may still be carried out on the basis of these draft decisions and interpretations.

  • Supplementary decisions and interpretations packing centres with and without IKB certification


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Declaration one type of eggs

Packing centres without IKB certification may only pack one type of eggs. In order to apply to become a participant in the Better Life label scheme, you must sign a declaration.

Download the declaration one type of eggs below:

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Additional documents for packing centres

The latest versions of these documents can be found on the Regulations page:

  • Conditions protocol for processors
  • User protocol and style manual
  • Guidelines delivering to non-participants
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