The Better Life Label scheme consists of several components. The various components that apply when the Better Life Label is used are listed below 

  1. Regulations of use and monitoring – dated December 12th 2019
    The new regulations of use that correspond to the Better Life label will enter into force on 20 December 2019. 
  2. Certification regulations – version 7.1, dated August 15th 2023
    The new certification regulations will enter into force on September 1st 2023. The certification regulations contain the procedure for the award of certificates by Certification Bodies (CBs), that have been assigned by the Better Life label Foundation (BLLF).
  3. Exclusion criteria – version 3.0 dated September 1st 2016
    The Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals reserves the right to exclude certain companies from the use of the Better Life label on the basis of, but not limited to, these exclusion criteria.
  4. Criteria
    Under the conditions of the Better Life label, the entire production chain from primary participant to retail, must be certified or approved for the relevant scope (species of animal and number of stars) of the Better Life label. 
    The Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals has formulated criteria for livestock farmers and the successive companies/links in the chain per scope (species of animal and number of stars).
  5. Conditions Protocol processors
    Before approval can be awarded to processors of Better Life products, the Better Life label Foundation must receive certain information. This document lists the necessary information that must be submitted with the application.
  6. Conditions Better Life products
    Products must comply with the conditions for Better Life products.
  7. User’s protocol and style guide – version March 2024
    This document describes the way in which the Better Life label may be used in communication expressions (e.g. packaging, labels, websites, leaflets, advertisements, other advertising material).
    (Submit work agreements Retail communication expression)
  8. Guidelines delivering to non-participants – version 3.1 dated March 15th 2018
    This document indicates in which situations and under which conditions delivery is possible to non-participants.