Procedure registering companies

Companies that are not livestock farms must apply for approval of participation to the Better Life label Foundation using the procedure below.

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Apply in the Better Life label portal.

BLL portal
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Submit your application

In order to assess your application, depending on the company type, you need to supply a number of documents to the Better Life label Foundation. Consult your company type to see which criteria your company must comply with.

More information about company types
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Assessment of application

Your documentation must be complete in order to make a good assessment. If the event of doubt, the Better Life label Foundation will ask you for additional information.

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Assessment completion

How long it takes to complete the assessment depends on:

  • The number of applications currently being processed
  • The size and complexity of your application
  • How quickly you respond to requests from the BLLF for additional information

We aim to inform you of the initial assessment within a month.

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If the application is approved, your company will receive approval from the Better Life label Foundation. From the date of approval, your company may use the logo and issue communication about the Better Life label.

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To retain approval, you must ensure that you have been certified by the Certification Body within three months after approval.

More information about CBs
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You must ensure that you are inspected and certified by the CB at least annually. Additional interim audits may also be conducted in the meantime.

NB: Wholesalers 2b will be audited once every three years.