What is the Better Life label?

The Better Life label scheme uses a star rating to indicate the animal-friendliness of the systems used to rear livestock for the production of meat, eggs and dairy produce. The higher the number of stars, the more attention is paid to animal welfare. Our website shows the exact criteria per animal species that are applicable for livestock farmers and producers.

The Better Life label scheme was initiated by the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals in 2007. The first chain to be covered by the scheme was broiler production. Various other species of animals have now been added to the Better Life label scheme. The Better Life label is a chain-wide scheme. This means that in addition to livestock farms, all the other, subsequent links in the chain such as abattoirs, packing stations, processors, packers, etc. must also be inspected and certified. For more information on inspections and audits, see the inspections page.

The Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals is the founder and owner of the Better Life label. In this capacity it establishes the criteria relating to animal welfare which must be complied with by the participating companies. In addition to this, the Better Life label Foundation was founded in 2012. The Better Life label Foundation is the private certification organisation responsible for correctly assuring the Better Life label and for communication with the business sector. For more information about the Better Life label Foundation click here, for more information about our organisation click here.