2 Factor Authentication

As user of the BLk portal you are required to set up 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) for your account.

For some time now 2FA is mandatory for all users. 2FA provides better security for your data. To activate it you need an authentication app on your mobile phone, tablet or PC. This app should support the so-called TOTP protocol. Applicable apps are available in each app store.
This TOTP protocol is depending on the time. It is important that your device is set to the correct time. The correct time can be checked here.

A user account for the BLk portal is personal. Should you opt to share an account with your colleagues we strongly recommend to expand the number of user accounts so that everyone has their own login with their own 2FA. You can (usually) add new users to your portal yourself. Click here to see how you can do that.

To create your account you have to complete some steps. We have prepared an instruction for you to download.
Click here for the English version.
Click here for the Dutch version.
Please read this carefully before adjusting the settings.

If you run into problems with the settings, you can always contact us.