Certification Bodies

Inspections and audits in the framework of the Better Life label are conducted by independent accredited Certification Bodies (CBs). The CBs are all accredited according to ISO 17065 by the Dutch Accreditation Council. Almost all company types are subject to an annual audit. The participant may choose which CB conducts the inspection.

After successful completion of the assessment by the CB, the participant will receive a certificate that is valid for one year. Additional unannounced or trace-back audits may be conducted in the interim period.


The Better Life label Foundation works with five Certification Bodies (CBs). These CBs are responsible for conducting the inspections at the premises and sites of the participants.

Please contact the CBs directly for a quotation for the Better Life label audit.

The annual audit can be combined with the inspections for other quality assurance systems such as IKB, KAT, VvM or MSC. Please contact your CB for more information.

E-mail: info@kiwaverin.nl
Contact details Kiwa VERIN

SGS Nederland B.V.
E-mail: annemarie.baars@sgs.com
Phone: +31 (0) 88 214 3299
Contact details SGS Nederland B.V.

E-mail: info@producert.nl
Contact details Producert

E-mail: info@qlip.nl
Contact details Qlip

Control Union Certifications B.V.
E-mail: eschipper@controlunion.com
Phone: 038-4260100
Contact details Control Union Certifications B.V.

Certification regulations for the CBs have been established which explain the procedure for awarding certification. A framework of sanctions has also been established which should be used by CBs when performing inspections and assessments at BLL companies.
The current certification regulations can be found on the BLL regulations page.