Revision of Better Life criteria for secundary participants

The Better Life Label Foundation (BLLF) is revising its criteria for secundary participants.

This means we have made a number of adjustments:

  • Modular structure of the criteria with less overlapping criteria for different company types;
  • No additional lists with supplementary decisions and interpretations;
  • Better alignment with the ISO standards for quality systems;
  • Sanctions in accordance with international standards.

The Modular structure also makes it possible to request one overview with all the criteria that have to be met, in case a business has several company types.

The revised criteria have entered into force at 1 september 2023. Click here to view the revised criteria.

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Participant self-evaluation checklist

Below you will find a checklist designed for businesses interested in participating in the Better Life label. The purpose of the checklist is to provide a quick overview of your progress in achieving Better Life label certification for your business. However, please be aware that this is an abridged version of the entire list of criteria. It is crucial to fulfill all criteria relevant to your company type. As a participant, you are responsible for ensuring compliance with the entire list of Better Life label criteria for your specific company type.

This checklist incorporates the updated criteria that have taken effect on 1 September, 2023. You can access the updated criteria here.

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What is a logistic service provider?

Logistic service providers are parties such as cold-storage facilities, order picking locations, traders, web shops or internal invoicing offices. The Better Life label has three categories of logistic service provider: types 2a, 2b (wholesalers) and 2c (traders). Only type 2b (wholesalers) are audited and certified for the Better Life label. Download the file for a more detailed explanation of this company type:

When a logistic service provider processes the product whereby during (part of) the production process the Better Life label is no longer an inseparable and integral part of the product, it is covered by the company type ‘processor’.

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Additional documents for logistics service providers

The latest versions of these documents can be found on the Regulations page:

  • User protocol and style manual
  • Guidelines delivering to non-participants
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