Companies that have been approved/certified for the Better Life label (BLL) are charged fees for participation in the Better Life label scheme, the so-called participation fee. The companies owe this fee to the Better Life label Foundation (BLLF). This fee is used to fund the work conducted by the Better Life label Foundation.

In addition to the participation fee paid to the BLLF, the Certification Body will also charge separate fees for the costs of inspections, audits and certification. These fees can be requested from the Certification Body.

Livestock farms
The Better Life label Foundation does not charge any fees/participation fees to livestock farms (primary participants).

The Certification Body will charge a fee to livestock farms (primary participants) for the costs of conducting audits and inspections and certification. These fees can be requested from the Certification Body.

Approved company locations
All approved company locations, except livestock farms, are obliged to pay a participation fee to the Better Life label Foundation (BLLF). The following apply:

  1. The company type determines which participation fee applies;
  2. The company size determines the amount of the fee.

More information about the different company types can be found on the company type page

The participation fees for the different company types are specified in the following overviews:

New applications
For new applications, the first day of the new month (after application has been approved) applies as the start date for invoicing. 

Notice of termination, termination of participation
Notice of termination/termination of participation in the Better Life label scheme can only be submitted in writing. Please use our standard email addresses. A period of notice of two months applies. We can process the termination once all outstanding invoices have been settled and we have received a management statement if necessary. Please ensure you also inform your Certification Body.

If a participant has terminated their participation but subsequently reapplies to join the scheme, a one-off fixed fee will be charged again. 

Organic certified companies
The organic products of companies with a valid Organic certificate are automatically eligible for Better Life label 3 stars These companies will not be certified again for the Better Life label . If the company only processes/supplies organic products, a once-only registration fee will be charged to the company. This means that you can only produce under the scope of BBL 3 stars. If you want to produce another (non-organic) scope, you must comply with the relevant criteria and annual inspections will be performed.