The BLk portal is the place where the Better Life label participants perform all BLl-related actions. This starts with the first login and registration. Participants gain insight into their BLk/BLl chain by registering, among other things, livestock farms, suppliers and/or customers, BLk products or communication items.

Depending on the company type, the following actions are (for example) possible:

  • As a chain manager you can register, deactivate and manage your livestock farmers here.
  • As a egg packing center or abattoir you can select your customers, you can see your supplying livestock farmers, and enter the estimates and management statements about your annual production.
  • As a processor you can register compositions and products, select customers and find an overview of your BLk raw materials. You can also submit and share communication items.
  • As a retailer you can see which products you will receive. You can also see the communication items shared with you and you can link and share communication items yourself.
  • As a wholesaler 2B you can see which products you purchase and which you can resell (unchanged).
  • As an administration office (Trader 2C) you can indicate here what the financial chain looks like if it differs from the product chain.

In the menu on the left you will find information and some instructions about using the BLk portal. Click here to logon to the BLkportal.