Procedure registering livestock farms

A livestock farmer can only apply for the Better Life label via a chain manager. A chain manager is, for example, the abattoir or packing station, but can also be another party. Consult our register to find chain managers in your sector.

Chain managers can apply for approval for livestock farmers to participate in the Better Life label, by following the procedure below.


Agreement between the livestock farmer and the chain manager

The chain manager concludes an agreement with the livestock farmer concerned. This agreement shows that the livestock farmer is affiliated to the supply chain of this chain manager.


Initial company visit by chain manager

Each new livestock farm is visited by/on behalf of the chain manager, whereby the chain manager assesses whether the farm can comply with the corresponding Better Life criteria for that category of farm, before the chain manager registers the livestock farm with the Better Life label Foundation.

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Registering the livestock farm for the Better Life label

After concluding an agreement and visiting the livestock farm, the chain manager can submit an application for the new livestock farm to participate in the Better Life label in the chain manager’s BLL portal.

BLL portal
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Assessment of application

The application submitted for a new livestock farm is assessed by an employee of the Better Life label Foundation for completeness and correctness.

We aim to complete the assessment process within two working days.

If the application is approved by the BLLF, notice of registration is automatically sent to the Certification Body chosen by the livestock farmer.


Entry audit and certification

A livestock farmer is not permitted to market produce using the Better Life label until the farm has been inspected and certified by the Certification Body and until the farm (UBN/KIP) has been listed on the BLL register with the certificate and corresponding scope.

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Annual inspection

The livestock farm must be inspected and certified by the Certification Body at least once annually. Additional interim audits/unannounced inspections may also be conducted in the meantime.