Participant satisfaction survey The Better Life label Foundation

In June, we commissioned brand strategy agency Customeyes to conduct a participant satisfaction survey to reveal the possible improvement points within our organisation. The basis of this survey was formed by our mission (contributing to demonstrable improvements in the animal welfare of farm animals) and vision. The main two components of the vision are assuring and safeguarding the scheme and valuable service provision. The survey was sent to our primary participants (farmers, chain managers and abattoirs) and our secondary participants (packing stations, processors, wholesalers 2b, retail, food service and butcheries). There was a high response rate, so a big thank you again to all those who took part! The key outcomes of the survey:

  • Our mission and vision are widely recognised and supported. Our main objective: reliable safeguarding (robust, fair, transparent), is endorsed by all participants and scored well, so that is a result we are very pleased with!
  • Positive points were also revealed concerning our valuable service provision.  For example, our customer friendliness was highly rated and participants were satisfied with the scheme’s application and approval process. On the other hand, some opportunities for improvement were highlighted, for example regarding how clear and easy the portal is to use. Improvements could be made for new participants and participants who are not frequent users of the portal in particular. We also highly appreciate the individual comments and tips that were given to help improve external communication.
  • We noticed a clear difference between the satisfaction ratings of primary and secondary participants. For primary participants, the main area of improvement was the rapid, clear handling and settlement of questions relating to the interpretation of the criteria and how complaints and objections are dealt with. We will have to discuss this point with the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals, as participants submit their questions to the BLF who then discuss the content with the SPA, which in turn decides on matters that relate to animal welfare. The decision is then communicated to the participant. In cooperation with the Society for the Protection of Animals, we are currently working on better monitoring and we also intend to improve our communication. Another point that could be improved according to the primary participants is the actual feasibility of the criteria. During the process of reviewing existing criteria or establishing new criteria, advisory groups are consulted at an early stage during the development of criteria to obtain their input from the perspective of the sector. 
  • In general, the competence of the Certification Bodies and their inspections were rated as satisfactory, which we see as a positive point.