Revision of Better Life criteria for secundary participants

The Better Life Label Foundation (BLLF) is revising its criteria for secundary participants.

This means we have made a number of adjustments:

  • Modular structure of the criteria with less overlapping criteria for different company types;
  • No additional lists with supplementary decisions and interpretations;
  • Better alignment with the ISO standards for quality systems;
  • Sanctions in accordance with international standards.

The Modular structure also makes it possible to request one overview with all the criteria that have to be met, in case a business has several company types.

The revised criteria have entered into force at 1 September 2023. Click here to view the revised criteria.

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Participant self-evaluation checklist

Below you will find a checklist designed for businesses interested in participating in the Better Life label. The purpose of the checklist is to provide a quick overview of your progress in achieving Better Life label certification for your business. However, please be aware that this is an abridged version of the entire list of criteria. It is crucial to fulfill all criteria relevant to your company type. As a participant, you are responsible for ensuring compliance with the entire list of Better Life label criteria for your specific company type.

This checklist incorporates the updated criteria that have taken effect on 1 September, 2023. You can access the updated criteria here.

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Supplementary decisions and interpretations

Following the conclusive formal adoption of these criteria, the supplementary decisions and interpretations below have been drafted in conjunction with the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals. These decisions/interpretations have not yet been formally adopted and, in the event of exceptional circumstances, are subject to change before being included in the established BLL criteria. In anticipation thereof, certification will be carried out on the basis of these supplementary decisions and interpretations.

  • There are no supplementary decisions and interpretations for BLL abattoir poultry
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Change to abattoir criteria

The Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals has deemed it necessary to make some important changes to the abattoir criteria. This is in response to recent developments at abattoir level.

In the event of a high impact on animal welfare, the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals has the option to apply a fast-track procedure to be able to enforce this immediately, to a sufficient extent and with appropriate sanctions. In this case, this also includes the application of VCA (Video Content Analysis) in the short term.

Changed criteria concern:

  1. Including a recommendation for Video Content Analysis (VCA) in the abattoir criteria for pigs and cattle, and changing this criterion for poultry abattoirs. Such a criterion has already been included for calf abattoirs. This is with a clear intention to introduce VCA as soon as possible, within a realistic but as short as possible transitional period.
  2. Increasing the sanction for causing unnecessary stress and suffering to animals for calves, cattle and pigs, and adding this criterion to poultry.

The changes will take effect as of today, 29/07/2021.

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Additional information

AWO course under Council Regulation (EC) No 1099/2009

Approved refresher course animal welfare abattoir employees


In some cases, as well as applying for company type ‘abattoir’, it will also be necessary to apply for company type ‘processor’. This is only necessary when poultry, turkeys or rabbits are cut, when beef cows are cut further than into quarters and pigs are cut further into halves.

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