Supplementary decisions and interpretations

Following the conclusive formal adoption of these criteria, the supplementary decisions and interpretations below have been drafted in conjunction with the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals. These decisions/interpretations have not yet been formally adopted and, in the event of exceptional circumstances, are subject to change before being included in the established BLL criteria. In anticipation thereof, certification will be carried out on the basis of these supplementary decisions and interpretations.

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FAQ Better Life label Pigs concerning the end of the transitional period in 2025

We have received many questions about criteria with a transitional period that ends on 01-01-2025. For clarity, we have summarised the most common questions and answers here.

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Additional information enrichment material

BLL pigs must be provided with enrichment material. This material must meet a number of requirements. Examples of how enrichment material can be provided and used are shown below.

  • Examples follow
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Human-animal interaction course

Various training courses have been approved for the human-animal interaction course. Those wishing to submit a human-animal interaction course for approval can send a description of the course to

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Example Emergency Plan

The criteria for BLL rabbit stipulate an Emergency Plan. An example of an emergency plan, which you can use, is shown below.


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GMP+ equivalent animal feed systems

The Better Life label criteria for livestock farms include the provision that feed must demonstrably originate from a GMP+ certified feed supplier or a supplier with an equivalent quality assurance system. The Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals accepts various quality assurance systems as an alternative to GMP+ certified animal feed.

The ‘Equivalent systems’ page lists quality assurance systems accepted by the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals as an alternative to GMP+ certification within the Better Life label scheme.

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