Style guide update

The logo of the Better Life label has undergone a revision, prompted by recent changes to the corporate branding and logo of the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals. This new logo of the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals has been integrated into the logo of the Better Life label. Alongside the modification of the logo, the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals has also updated the style guide.

The Style Guide was given a new layout, which aligns with the way the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals communicates with, and informs consumers. Furthermore, the updated style guide provides better guidance on means for communication in online sales and communication beyond product packaging. The guidelines, in terms of content, remain consistent, which is why there will be no specific transition period. The official date of publication is set for December 31, 2023. From this date onwards, a transition period for the new logo will be implemented.

The Better Life label Foundation exclusively evaluates the packaging of consumer units. Any other communications regarding the Better Life label must adhere to the guidelines, as deviations may result in inquiries by the Certification body or the Foundation.

To facilitate a smooth transition for all participants, a generous transition period has been instituted for the adoption of the new Better Life logo. The logo is available for immediate use. As of December 31, 2024, products bearing the old Better Life logo will be rejected. Subsequently, we will allow an additional transition period of 18 months to deplete all old packaging. Effective September 31, 2026, the use of old logos on packaging will be prohibited.

Discover the new BLk logo and style guide on our website: