Update for the broiler criteria

We are pleased to inform you about the updated criteria list for BLk broilers, which implies the incorporation of the supplementary decisions and interpretations:
Several practical questions are raised about the criteria of the Better Life label. These practical questions, also called interpretation questions, have regularly led to the adoption of additional decisions on these previously established criteria. Additional decisions serve to clarify and/or relax the criteria and are shared per animal category and published online in a separate list called ‘Additional decisions and interpretations’.

The Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals decided to “incorporate” the additional decisions from the separate list for broilers integrally into the document containing the established criteria for broilers . Thus, all applicable requirements and clarifications for that animal category can again be found in one document; the separate list of additional decisions will be “cleaned up” and can thus disappear.
“Processing” the additional decisions in this way does not mean “revising” the current criteria. The content of the criteria is not upgraded. It merely creates updated versions of the already established criteria; For clarification purposes they are given a new version number, namely Broilers 1 star version 5.2, Broilers 2 stars version 2.2 and Broilers 3 stars version 2.2.

After “processing” the additional decisions into the criteria, the inspector of a Certification Body can carry out his/her work much more practically and every stakeholder or interested party will have a more compact and manageable “updated set” of Beter Leven keurmerk criteria of a given animal category and scope.
The changes compared to the original version are made clear through the use of colours:

  • Red: A change in the description of the criterion by incorporating an Additional Decision;
  • Blue: A textual and/or explanatory change to the criterion that cannot be traced back to an additional decision.
    As usual, the amended version is indicated by means of the so-called ‘Version criteria including latest changes’.